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I’ve been to several other therapists and none have been anywhere near as helpful as Mary Ellen. She is extremely good at what she does and I will never go to anyone else again.

Christine S..

Paul is so knowledgeable He shares so much info with his patients. He is outstanding in his field. He is “TedTalk” material! You will leave PT, knowing how to help yourself at home, too.

Benjamin D.

My Dr. was impressed with the speed and extent of my rehab. The facility is neat and clean with good equipment. The entire staff is warm and friendly, they make you feel like family.

Julie K

I came in with terrible back pain and was having difficulty lifting my baby daughter and bending over to give her a bath. When I came to Restoration PT my problem was quickly identified and through gentle manipulation I gained almost instant relief. The exercises strengthened my back and within a few weeks I was able to play with my daughter again and lift her in and out of the tub. The therapists at Restoration PT are top notch!

Patricia Z

My therapist was able to isolate each sprained rib and get it moving again. I was scared remembering the pain I had before but it felt great after he did this. I was also able to learn things I could do at home that built me stronger. Medication dulled my pain and Restoration got me back to feeling myself again – pain free and able to grow stronger

David G

Mary Ellen and Francine are the best. I suffered severe rotator cuff tendon tears in June 2015. Given the frayed nature of the previously repaired cuff, and my age, both my orthopedic surgeon and the shoulder expert to whom I went for a second opinion recommended against surgery. In Mary Ellen and Francine's good hands, after several months of PT I regained considerable function and experienced a significant pain reduction.

John W

A well known orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery, including a 4-inch incision. Instead I came to Restoration Physical Therapy for 6 weeks of therapy. Six months later I qualified for the Boston Marathon by completing the Philadelphia Marathon in 3:54:06 at the age of 60!